Monday, October 15, 2012

Starting Out

I was going to start out with some touchy feely story about how and why I started writing and the awesome things that it does for me.  I may still get to that, but writing 101: start out with something that will grab your readers attention.  So here goes...if I can't catch anyone's attention with a teaser from the book I'm working on, then I'm doomed anyway, right?  This is from my young adult pranormal/fantasy romance novel currently entitled Susceptible.
     Every decision I've ever made has had to have the government's seal of approval from the food I eat to who I'm allowed to marry.  That's what happens when you live in a society that's so ruled by fear they're driven to the desire for genocide.  But what happens when the creatures they fear most come knocking at our door and prove to be smarter than we gave them credit for?  Chaos breaks loose and for once in my life I'm given the opportunity to choose for myself.  But will I choose the poster boy for everything my government desires, who would do anything to protect me?  Or will I choose the new guy who likes to draw out my inner rebel I never knew existed?

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  1. Great start a blog! I'll keep checking back to see what else you write. :)